Sverige Casino

Sverige Casino may be the best swedish thing since IKEA. But what does this quintessential Swedish casino offer its players? Well, it’s about time to find out, isn’t it? Sverige Casino’s motto is “A safe choice” but can they deliver when it comes to the entertainment and jackpots that online gamblers have come to expect? Let us find out by examining Sverige Casino’s games selection thoroughly and seriously. Nobody cares about online casino reviews like us! It may be entertainment for you but for us it is bloody serious! Let’s get on with it and see what games are on offer at Sverige Casino.

Casino games at Sverige Casino

Sverige Casino caters primarily to the slot machine fans. If you like to play online slots you can get your expectations up! There are so many different quality slots to choose from in Sverige Casino’s selection that you can play a new slot every day of the year. At the online casino you can find games like The Legend of Shangri-La Cluster Pays, Sticky Bandits, Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. They also invite you to play on the awesome Motörhead slot with the rock band as its theme. And many many more. If you’re on the lookout for jackpot slots then you have arrived at the right place. Many of the slots on Sverige Casino have progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpots mean that the more you play on these slots the larger the jackpots become. Until somebody hits the jackpot. How large can these jackpots get, you ask? Sky’s the limit! But you can become rich if you are lucky that is for sure.

Play all the classics

Why not try the roulette or the blackjack table online? Maybe you have visited real life casinos earlier and want to feel that kind of excitement one more time. You can do that at Sverige Casino since they have the classic casino games in the lobby. You are invited to try out either the classic games where you play versus a computer or you can go and play on the live casino. The live casino is where you can play with live dealers and that is truly a remarkable feature that you can find at Sverige Casino. By letting your self indulge in these classic games you not only grant yourself hours of entertainment. You also play some of the games where the casino has minimum advantage compared to you. If you play the online roulette and bet on a color or even/odd numbers then you have almost fifty fifty odds of winning. That means that the house edge is remarkably low compared to most money games online. But that is only something that works in the player’s favour. Therefore you definitely ought to try it out!

Stay safe and play with caution

Sverige Casino is so entertaining that you can get carried away. But remember always to play responsibly. A good tip is to set an alarm that goes off at a predetermined time. By having that then you know when you must stop and it can be a helpful tool to avoid the gambling spinning out of your control. It really is a good idea to take some precautions. Because gambling addiction can hit anybody. So instead of just hoping that you are not afflicted, why not be on the safe side?
If you suspect that somebody you know have a gambling addiction you also are obliged to help him or her. You do that by contacting the right authorities and they can support with professional help. On Sverige Casino you can find help and links to gambling addiction support groups and much more. It really shows that Sverige Casino cares about its players.

Customer support

Sverige Casino has a great customer support and that is one of the areas where they really set the tone compared to other online casinos. At Sverige Casino you can contact the support via live chat or you can write them an email. You can also choose to call them if you have an urgent matter. The customer support line is open most of the day. If you call in the middle of the night you might not get an answer but generally speaking the customer support is available at most time.
Our experience with the support is that they are incredible helpful and dedicated. They want you to have the best possible time on Sverige Casino and you really feel that you are a VIP player (Even if you are not).

Cool graphic design

Sverige Casino has a really pleasant graphic site. It is definitely a site that caters to most types of players. There are just a lot of small details in the graphic design that makes it pleasant to use. There are many images and they have clearly given thought to user friendliness. If you are looking for a certain slot machine it is really easy to locate it with few clicks, and you can even search for specific games. Or if you want to visit the live casino it is incredibly easy to find this as well. Sverige Casino should be praised for the design, as it really is a big asset for this online casino. Many of the competitors could learn a lot of Sverige Casino regarding graphic design.


Sverige Casino is a great place to find all the online casino games you could ever want. There is a great selection of slots and you can find all the big hitters from NetEnt and other of the award winning gaming providers. Also Sverige Casino has a really great live casino where you can find all the classic games such as roulette or blackjack.
The customer support is truly helpful and there is a lot of advice on Sverige Casino on how you can avoid gambling problems.
The graphic design of the casino is top of the line and you can feel that the player is in focus on Sverige Casino.